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SLG believes that effective money management involves two important components; accumulating assets and preserving wealth through mutual attention and tactical planning from both the investor and the agent.

At Summit Legacy Group, we create financial solutions, and provide an extraordinary amount of personal service no matter what your profile as an investor may be.  We also provide you an opportunity to gather current quotes and news on your individual investment, as well as maintain and update your own personal portfolio.  Feel free to explore!  And don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments.

Our father, daughter wealth management team, Joseph D. Cochran and Nora L. Beauchot are members of Founders Financial Securities, LLC., member of FINRA, SIPC

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Mission Statement:

We are committed to leading our clients to economic and personal strength, while establishing mutual conviction and respect between our team and our clients.  It is our obligation to present ourselves as their ever ready base, making ourselves available through communication, education, and leadership; enabling our clients to make sound financial choices to help them secure their personal goals.  In so doing we allow our clients to thrive in their fulfillment, build their vision, and empower them to establish a legacy for their heirs if they so choose.

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